Richard Hayward

DMsGuild Creator

Game Designer DC-PoA-RH01 The Chronographers Curse 19 February 2021
Kreepy Kantrips Homebrew Cantrips October 2020
Game Designer CCC-MELB-02 The Sunken Sepulcher Published 7 August 2020.
Contributor: Common Folk: Five New Archetypes for Everyday People by Jackson Lewis August 2020.
Commissioned Article: DnD 5E Feats: Everything You Need To Know, July 2020
Developmental Editor: The Compendium of the Wider World by Jackson Lewis
Contributor: M.T.Black's Lonely Scroll Contest 2019.
Editorial Assistant: M.T.Black's Blue Alley 2019.
Playtester: Anthony Joyce's Heir of Orcus IV 2020.

BEST SELLER: The Sunken Sepulcher

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